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If you love jazzy handmade ceramics you've come to the right place!

About Me

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I am an artist working from my studio in Falmouth. My ceramics are hand thrown on the wheel in porcelain and decorated in abstract underglaze colours. They are inspired by the flow and zing of the ocean and my fascination of bold colour and pattern in relation to energy and movement. 

I started my ceramics training during the second year of my Fine Art degree at Sheffield Hallam University. For my Third year Degree Show I made a collection of coil built vases which were exhibited in our studios in summer 2018. To check them out head to my Degree Show vases page where you can see them photographed in all their glory by the wonderful Hannah Soar. I sold my Berlin Vase to the University where it is currently on display in one of the Hallam buildings around Sheffield.

After my course finished I went on to work as an apprentice for Salt Glaze potter Margaret Gardiner in Hertfordshire. This role included production throwing and constructing mugs, helping with Salt firings and selling her pots at shows around the UK. This was where I honed in on my throwing skills and learned to use porcelain clay for the first time.

I moved back home to Lincolnshire in summer 2019 after working for Margaret and created a studio space in my parents house. I purchased my very own Rohde wheel and kiln. This was my time to finally make the pots I had dreamed about. Through the pandemic and various lockdowns I used the time to experiment with my style and make batches of mugs that evolved as the months went by. I took on commissions which kept me busy and challenged, especially during the Christmas period. By spring 2021 I was ready for a change of scene and had myself set on moving down to Cornwall to work a summer season. 

From May to October 2021 I left my pottery work to enjoy a summer of waves and sunshine whilst working at the Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall. I am now in Falmouth and am really excited to be back making my pots once again.




Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with my studio work- @jess.g.morris